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During the summer months we at WANG like to get out on the road and take our sound system to party outdoors. We put a huge amount of effort into these events, which are totally free to attend, as we think they have the most amazing vibe of all the parties we put on.

We feel nothing beats the excitement of phoning up and getting the directions and driving off into the night, not quite sure where you will end up, the anticipation starting to grow in your belly.

Usually you end up getting completely lost, out in the middle of nowhere, down a pitch black country lane, until you are almost ready to give up and turn back, and just then you go round a corner and join up to a big convoy of cars, hoping that the people at the front know where they are going, the excitement levels start to rise and your heart starts thumping.

As you finally get closer to the site, the car stereo is turned off and you open the windows and strain to listen, and then you hear the distant thud of repetitive beats and know that your almost there...

The energy levels going through the roof as you finally arrive into the clearing with hundreds and hundreds of other like-minded party people who have travelled from miles around for exactly the same reason as you....

To dance under the stars and have a good time.

We always make an effort to try and use really beautiful sites that are far enough from anything so as not to upset anybody. We always try to leave the sites as close to the state we found them as we possibly can, picking up all the inevitable litter, etc.

It has been a couple of years since we have put on any out door parties, partly due to the crap english summers we have had recently, but just when you are least expecting it, watch this space............

Below are some pictures of an outdoor event we put on in August 2003, that were taken by Ashley and Becks (who used to have the unenviable task of sorting out the cloak-room at WANG at The Premises). They got married and moved to Australia.

Electro Elvis DJing

The car park!

The generator (big up to Geoff and his converted vintage East-German fire engine)

The sun coming up

Julian (big up for the sweetest sound around)

Our slightly wonky marquee (thanx 2 all who helped put her up)

And don't you forget it!

Part of the rig

You'll spot many a hooded top and baggy bottoms at an outdoor do

Ed Chaimberlain (resplendent in a pendant)

Roxy (the WANG dog) watchin Lula & Elvis having a snog

Organised chaos

George DJing (who helped massively with sortin out the party)

Ashley & Becks (our good friends who took the photos)

Face painting is optional!

Sun is shining, weather is sweet, yeah!
Makes you wanna move your dancin feet!

Becky with Disco Dave

The fog in the morning was mental, by the time it cleared we realised how big the site had become!