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Here is a list of most of the acts we have been lucky enough to have had perform for us in the past (sorry to anybody we missed - drop us an email):

[snyzch] (seed) - LIVE
2 bad mice
7 hurtz (output) - LIVE
a guy called gerrald
a guy called gerrald - LIVE
abe duque
abe duque & blake baxter - LIVE
abstraktknights (erratica/colony)
adj (pyramid transmissions)
agt rave cru - LIVE
al waxman (process)
alexander robotnick
alison marks (the laundry)
andrew weatherall
ardison (seed) - LIVE
ashley marlowe (conemelt)
aux 88 - LIVE
bad danny walter
bass junkie - LIVE
bass junkie (control tower)
battant - LIVE
ben lyford
ben sims (theory)
basenji (wang trax)
benjy williams
big daddy (phonography)
billy nasty (tortured)
bionic man (molecular breakdown)
blake baxter
bnjmn (rush hour) - LIVE
boardroom (klang electronic) - LIVE
bolz bolz (world electric) - LIVE
brain splitters (unbearable recordings) - LIVE
brett youngs RIP (audio illusions/dead silence)
bruce (seed records supremo)
ceephax (rephlex) - LIVE
ceephax acid krew (rephlex)
charlie hall (drum club)
chris clark (warp) - LIVE
chris marshall
chris moodi
chris rotta (tokyo windbag)
claire pudney
cocadisco djs 
commander m popov (pmg/macadonia)
controlled weirdness (control tower)
craig walsh (primevil)
cursor miner (uncharted audio)
cursor minor (uncharted audio) - LIVE
dan con #1 (moonpalace)
dangermouse (lex)
danny bee 
d'archangelo (rephlex) - LIVE
datatheif (device) - LIVE
dave mothersole (swag)
dbridge (exit records)
dee patten (who's the badman)
detroit grand pubahs - LIVE
dexorcist (control tower)
disco dave
dj 3000 (underground resistance/motech)
dmx krew (breakin' records) - LIVE
don williams (pure plastic
downshifter (skud/civil)
dr vice (blasé)
drums of death (grecoroman) - LIVE
dub kult (arcola records)
duncan parks (le chunk)
ed chaimberlain
ed chaimberlain - LIVE
ed dmx (breakin records)
eon RIP (ifach)
eric (molotov)
fred (gmt)
george hull
goodiepal (V/Vm) - LIVE
grunter synapse
hardway brothers
heartbreak - LIVE
hick nurdman - LIVE
IG-88 (rephlex)
j saul kane
j stretch
jackal & hyde - LIVE
jake one
jake one - LIVE
jamie ball (turning point)
jerome hill (uglyfunk)
jim masters (hi tek soul)
joel (koobla)
jon reynolds (smallfish)
juergen junker (neurythmics) - LIVE
k rock (rephlex)
kansas city prophets (control tower) - LIVE
keith tenniswood (two lone swordsmen)
kid acne (lex)
kirsti weir (null and void)
knightpaws (process) - LIVE
kone-r (uncharted audio)
kris krause/jeff nagle (outside recordings)
krude (control tower) - LIVE
kruton (pure plastic)
kschzt - audio visual set (blasé) - LIVE
lale pavic (happy people of belgrade)
langer (uncharted audio) - LIVE
lee graves (dedbeat)
lektrogirl (rephlex)
lets go outside (soma) - LIVE
lewis (warp)
lex (metropolis)
little witch (breakin')
lone (r&s records)
lone shark (sabbath)
louis digital (arcola records)
luke vibert (warp)
lukey roots (goodvibes)
mad dog wallice (rephlex)
magda (final scratch set) - LIVE
magda (plus 8)
mainpal inv (V/Vm)
mark archer (altern 8)
mark broom (pure plastic)
mark e (merc)
mary anne hobbs (bbc radio 1)
masse - LIVE
mat carter (dedbeat)
mat chester (11th hour technology)
matt thompson (output)
matt walsh (clouded vision)
melchior (ifach)
metronomy (sabbath)
mike da hat (blasé)
mike dred (rephlex)
mike wallace (crunch/colony)
milanese (warp/arcola) - LIVE
mira calix (warp)
miz licious (koobla)
mr six (sabbath)
neotek (uncharted audio)
neil trix
nick.k (lex)
no yeah no (rag and bone)
octad (rough) - LIVE
orson (transparent sounds)
paul b davis - 8 bit construction set - LIVE
paul mac
percy x (soma)
peter ford (ifach)
phil casbah
phil klein (battle trax)
phil summit (moon palace)
phiorio (click/kss)
phtomshch (moon palace)
plaid (warp) - LIVE
po-ski (werk/groovetech)
posthuman (seed) - LIVE
pp wok (uncharted audio)
propane (moon palace)
psi spy (antzen/colony)
pure science - LIVE
rad rice
radioactive man (1st ever live set) (wang trax) - LIVE
raw (rough)
rebuild - a guy called gerrald and graham massey (808 state) - LIVE
reso (skud/civil)
reynock (singularity) - LIVE
richard (koobla)
richard sen (bronx dogs)
richard thair (red snapper)
rob hall (skam records)
rob smut
robin ball (groovepressure)
roshan thompson
roysten vasey (control tower)
rue east (pure plastic) - LIVE
sam a(colony)
sam reid (dedbeat)
scanone - audio visual set (blasé) - LIVE
sean johnston aka Hardway Bothers
seed djs
sevenark (colony) - LIVE
sherman (electrocuted)
shut up and dance
si begg
sidney le sarge (haywire)
simian mobile disco - LIVE & DJ
skein (process)
skein (process) - LIVE
sons of slough - LIVE
spaceship god (process)
spring mind disaster (blasé)
spyboy (blasé)
squarepusher (warp) - LIVE
steve glencross (penalty)
steve gray
stormfield (fuel recs)
strayfe (process)
studio one collectors sellectors (goodvibes)
symmetrik (hyponik)
talvin singh
terry mitchell (dark house music)
the boardroom
the committee - LIVE
the others (dub police)
tim hablin (insert)
tim taylor (missile)
tokyo windbag (control tower) - LIVE
tom middleton (global communication)
tom p (warp djs)
tomm (lex)
tordis berstrand (V/Vm)
touch one (tiamat)
tranparents sounds - LIVE
truck pitch (process)
truckpitch (process) - LIVE
uncle buck
uncle jeff (koobla)
vee (koobla)
warlock (rag and bone)
warp dj's (warp)
world krak cartel
zion bru (goodvibes)